How do I respond to side effects?

2022-01-03 17:03
- Swelling: It's more effective if you use an ice pack before and after the procedure.

- Bruise: Usually, it disappears within a week, but if you apply vitamin K bruise cream after the procedure, it disappears faster.

- Pain: You can inject local anesthetic or apply lidocaine numbing cream before the procedure, and painkillers such as Tylenol can reduce pain after the procedure.

- Tickling: In the case of acute allergic reactions, administrate steroids and antihistamines as intravenous injection or oral medicine.

- Pallidness: If your skin turns white due to blood vessel pressure caused by a filler, it can be improved with a massage or removal of a small amount of filler.

- Tindle phenomenon: It is a phenomenon in which the filler appears blue during the procedure in the dark circle, which can rarely occur when the skin is bright or thin, and when the filler is injected into a superficial dermis of skin.

- Acne: It is mainly caused by pore damage or blockages due to filler injections. Avoid acne or folliculitis areas during the procedure. When acne occurs, it can be improved with general acne treatment.

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